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Get to know the artist and owner of

"The Artists Choice- Gallery and Studio"

Artist Statement and Biography

                 Carolanne Vining, Sculptural Ceramic Artist, Art Educator, MS in Art Education


I am an art educator at an elementary school in East Hampton, CT. I have been teaching art to children for the past 11 years. I carry a Masters of Science Degree in Art Education from Central Connecticut State University with a Ceramics concentration, as well as a Bachelors of Science Degree in Art Education with a Sculpture concentration. I personally find artistic inspiration in human emotions, aesthetic experiences, family, and organic, natural forms.

Teaching and creating art are the two biggest loves in my life, besides my family. I have 4 children, and thousands of students. I am passionate to share my love for art and the creation process. I find the most important aspect of growing as an artist is to explore, get materials in your hands, and see what they can do. I teach on a higher cognitive level, where my students create their own artistic goals, and I help them reach their goals. Mixing in a bit of skill building and aesthetic knowledge into my teaching, students walk away more confident and capable in any media they choose to focus on.  


On a personal level, as an artist myself, clay is an inspiring artistic medium for me, and its expressive qualities are limitless. I am constantly exploring and narrating my deepest emotions and experiences through my work. I create abstract sculptures that represent outgrowths of the dysfunctional dynamics of my family.  I utilize a variety of forms, finishes, structures, media and textures that will further express my emotional responses to my familial issues, both positive and negative.


My abstract sculptures are an expressive outlet to tell stories of personal experiences. Clay is a media where I become vulnerable and open to the world. It has saved me from darkness a hundred times and shared my joy and light with others. Each sculpture I create is deeply personal and reflective of my sadness, happiness, triumphs, failures, trauma, and loss I have endured. However, I sculpt and finish my work with a slight layer of ambiguity so that others may reflect at their own level. I see color as the best venue to create ambiguity so that any viewer will come to their own understanding and connect personally to my work. Perhaps no two interpretations or reactions will be the same. These sculptures allow for the viewer to have a unique, genuine connection between themselves and the clay.


As a sculptural ceramic artist, I enjoy exploring the creation of large scale ceramic installations. Currently, I am pushing myself as a sculptor to increase scale, structure, and to express my personal experiences and deepest emotions with color and texture.


Lastly, throwing on the wheel to create functional forms, painting and welding are artistic process I enjoy. I continue to experiment with various forms, finishes and scales. I create work that explores visual balance, movement, texture and color and help to tell the story of my life.

I am beyond thrilled for this next artistic journey with opening an art studio, gallery, and creative space. I look forward to encouraging growth and facilitating confidence in artists of all ages on a more personal level. I hope you will come visit this artistic space where any person is able to personalize their artistic journey, take risks, and make the most amazing masterpieces. 

Artist Bio: Carolanne Vining

*2018-Present- opening and creation of "The Artists' Choice- Gallery, Studio and Lessons"Art Space, Stafford Springs, CT


*May 2015- Received Masters of Science in Art Education through CCSU with a  concentration in Ceramics, Masters Exegesis written under the advisory of ceramics professor Vicente Garcia, CCSU, New Britain, CT

*October- December 2014- Ceramic Installation "When We Began"; displayed for one month at The Dirt Salon, 50  Bartholomew Ave, Hartford, CT. 


*October 2014- Graduate Exhibition "Pushing Clays Limits; A Study of Color Expression and Large Scale      Ceramic Installations". The Dirt Salon, Hartford, CT.


*August 2014- " AbEx- Abstract Art Exhibition"; sculpture "Ebb and Flow" displayed at ArtSpace, Hartford, CT.


*May-October 2014- Exhibited 8 times at the Lebanon Farmer's Market, Lebanon, CT. 


*May 2014- Ceramic Installation Exhibition at Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, CT.


*November 2013- Exhbition during Open Studio's Hartford at The Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford,    CT.


*November 2013- ArtSpace Juried Exhibition, "Ebb and Flow" on display, Hartford, CT.


*September 2013- Donation of sculptural ceramic work "Solitude" to "Suicide Awareness/Prevention Event" at The  Greater Hartford Arts Academy, Hartford, CT.


*2009- present- Art teacher, East Hampton, CT


*2007- 2009- Art teacher, Enfield, CT 


*2001-2006- Completed a Bachelors of Science in Art Education with a Sculpture concentration at CCSU, New  Britain, CT 


*2001- Enrico Fermi High School, Recipient of The Womens Club Artist Portfolio Scholorship, Enfield, CT


*2000- Honorable Mention through the UHART Art exhibition, West Hartford, CT.


*2000- Enrolled in Greater Hartford Arts Council Summer Artist Work Program, Apprenticeship with Timothy  Scull, owner of Canton Clay Works

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