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@ The Dirt Salon, Hartford, CT
slab and press mold forms, wire, welded steel, cable, and spray paint; 20ftX4ftX3ft
I am standing with my installation "When We Began", currently on display at The Dirt Salon Gallery through the end of November, 2014
stomped spontaneous formed ceramic, wood, spray paint; 5ftX4ftX2ft
Extruded clay forms, wire, steel, spray paint; 3ftX3.5ftX3ft
Wheel thrown and coil clay forms, steel, dirt, wood and spray paint; 5ftX2ftX3ft
Paper clay, steel, spray foam insulation, spray paint
Slab forms, wire, spray paint
3 ceramic installations during a ceramics exhibition
Ceramic, nails, steel; 5'X6'X3'
Ceramic Paper Clay, Steel, Spray Paint, 40"X50"X30"
Ceramic slabs, welded steel, cable; 4'X3'X3'
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